Letter to the Editor

Whenever a proponent of a particular issue promotes that position in a public forum, he (or she) is inviting a reply. I offer a reply to a preacher’s remarks.

Once again a UMC (United Methodist Church) preacher (Rev. Stephen Heiss, stargazette.com, 6/16/2011) expressed an opinion that is not based upon the Scripture from which he purports to teach. In his opinion piece of 12 paragraphs, not once did he offer a biblical justification for his opinion about the acceptance of same-sex marriages. What he did offer, however, is a favorable response to a resolution that the “Upstate New York United Methodist Church” proposed. That proposal is for the ruling body to remove from the Book of Discipline (official policy of the UMC) any and all discriminatory language associated with same-sex marriages. The “…representatives passed a resolution requesting all discriminatory language against gay marriage be removed from the Book of Discipline, the official United Methodist record of policy and doctrine”

Rather than offer a biblical justification for this opinion, the preacher offers what he laments as a “crying wolf” from others. In other words, “For many church people, the acceptance of gay marriage has reached a tipping point. The panicked calls to defend those two reliably vague ideals — family values and religious tradition — are being seen for what they were: a crying of ‘wolf’ when there was no wolf.”

These remarks align themselves as a good example of a straw-man argument!

Homosexual behavior is forthrightly condemned in Scripture (Romans 1:20-32); any preacher who expresses something to the contrary demonstrates his (or her) ignorance on this biblical topic. Moreover, people who accept this teaching because they want to be part of what they call a “loving” church are merely the blind being led by those teachers who are themselves blind. Such blindness sends one to the ditch!

Some have promoted that the church of which they are members will extend a warm welcome to all visitors. This is a commendable quality of a congregation of people that would like to identify themselves as a part of the body of Christ. However, a body that is empty of truth, as on this topic, is not of Christ. What good is a warm welcome on Judgment Day when the truth of God is suppressed?

Perhaps a public discussion ought to be engaged.


This is a soon to be letter submitted to our local paper

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