Leviticus 13

  1. This and the next chapter deals with skin diseases and its “dwelling” place. In C-13, it is on the person. Rather than make my own detail notes, I will copy Wenham; he delineates the chapter this way: Introduction, the first set of tests for skin diseases (13:2-8), the second set of tests for skin diseases (13:9-17), tests for skin disease associated with scars (13:18-28), tests for skin disease in the scalp and beard (13:29-37), a clean skin disease (13:38-39), baldness and skin disease (13:40-44), treatment of those with serious skin disease (13:45-46), serious skin disease in clothing (13:47-58), and finally a summary (13:59).
  2. Application: Does sin dwell in (on) our persons? Sin is a serious disease; so serious that it can’t be removed by any remedy that we try to apply ourselves. I remember a story years ago (I think I was in 7th grade) about the play Macbeth. A woman tried desperately to clean her hand so tainted with blood that after much effort her guilty conscience drove her crazy (I hope my recall is correct). When we try to apply our own remedy we just don’t have success; even if for a little while we are able to move past it, it comes back. How do we get rid of our sin? You know the answer, and there is only One (Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:6).