Leviticus 14

  1. The first portion of this chapter portends to the ceremonial cleaning of the one contaminated and now not with a skin disease (14:1-32). The second portion of the chapter deals with a contaminated house of some sort of leprosy, or a “skin disease” within the house (14:33-57).
  2. Application: Does sin dwell all around us? We know the serious effect sin has on our lives, that is, when it is within us (spiritually speaking). What about when it is around us, are we aware of just how serious it is then? Many are not. They think that can play with fire and not get burned. They feel they have inoculated themselves so well that they are quite discerning and careful about the virus that might be floating around that they surely will not catch it. Before long, they are down with it and the sickness is intense. It starts out as an unsettling stomach and progresses to a full-blown flu virus (if you will).