Leviticus 15

  1. The chapter of “discharge” is a chapter that declares uncleanness to those who have a discharge, generally speaking (15:1-15). This “discharge” amounts to those identified: an emission of semen (15:16-18), during the menstrual cycle (15:19-24), and an unspecified discharge of blood (15:25-30). All this is associated with keeping anything impure away from the Tabernacle (15:31-33).
  2. Application: There was a woman, a lonely woman who was bleeding for twelve years. Having expended all her money and receiving no physical help, she slowly, quietly comes behind Jesus. She says to herself that He can help her; He does. Overcome with joy, amazement and fear she comes to Him when He calls out. She is reassured and told that her faith saved (healed) her. More than that, though, this woman had a faith to move toward the Lord. How healthy is our faith?