Leviticus 16

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Chapter 16: (Tuesday, 5/31/2011)

  1. The day of atonement (Yom Kippur). It is a big deal in Israelite history. Israelite teaching on this passage is also connected with the death of the “righteous” Nadab and Abihu. Strangely, the Chumash say that both men were righteous.
  2. Chronology of the command (16:1-2). Aaron’s approach to the mercy seat (16:3-5). Aaron shall offer the sin offering, and Aaron will casts lots over two goats before the Lord (16:9-10). Aaron will make atonement for himself and those of his household, taking the blood and sprinkling the mercy seat (16:11-14). Aaron will do this again with the blood of the goat that had been killed as a sin offering, atoning for the uncleanness of the people in relation to the Tabernacle in whole (16:15-19).  The goat that had not been killed will have all the iniquities of the sins of Israel placed on its head (spiritually) (16:20-22). Aaron will take off garments and put on garments, making a burnt offering to the Lord for himself and the people (16:23-28). This is an enduring statute (16:29-34).
  3. Application: Under the new covenant we understand the significance of atonement. For us the atonement is not in the blood of animals inside of a physical Tabernacle, carrying blood and sprinkling it on a mercy seat. We do have a High Priest, and we do have a mercy seat; our High Priest is the Lord Jesus and the mercy seat is in the throne of heaven. Atonement is “deadly” serious, and when Christians lose sight of its seriousness, they trampled underfoot the Son of God!