Leviticus 17

  1. The proper place and object of worship (17:1-9). The life of the animal is not man’s (17:10-16).
  2. Application: Though I have offered nothing much in the way of a detailed outline, I have done it this way primarily because the simplicity of the chapter is easily discernable. It is the application, though, that merits my attention. The proper place and object of worship, under the old covenant is obvious to a student of Scripture. However, though obvious, it was not diligently applied in all cases under that old covenant. When the Lord spoke to the woman at the well (John 4), she asked about the proper place, and the Lord gave her an answer. His answer, though, went much deeper. It is not in a particular location (anymore), but with the heart and in accordance with the truth. May we not lose sight of this!