Leviticus 2

  1. The Law of the Grain Offering (referred to also as cereal or food offering). Associated with this offering is the word salt and leaven, as in no leaven (yeast). There seems to be some reason for this mention of salt, leaven, and even honey – but the Lord says nothing about what each might represent. This offering will consist of fine flour, oil, and frankincense (2:1). A portion of this will be offered on the altar of burnt offering, and a portion will be given to Aaron and his sons (2:2-3). The grain offering was offered along with the burnt offerings, morning and evening (Exodus 40:29; 29:41).
  2. Purpose? Uncertain, but there is the suggestion that it is associated with tribute. That is, that as the Lord has given to His children, it is only proper that His children give to Him a tribute of the first fruits. As we can see, this tribute offering had part of it going to the priests (2:10; and their families).
  3. Application: I like the words of Demarest: “Perhaps it’s long past time for most of us to seek a grain-offering mentality by bringing to God each day our recognition with tangible offerings that everything that we are and have belongs to God” (p. 47). I like this remark because it puts emphasis upon our heart’s response to the Lord and His mercy.