Leviticus 24

  1. There are various assignments in this chapter. There is the assignment associated with the lamps within the Tabernacle (24:1-4); there is the assignment associated with holy bread within the Tabernacle (24:5-9); and there is the assignment associated with justice (24:17-23). Interspersed within is the actual justice rendering of a man who curses the Lord (24:10-16).
  2. Application: When we think about using the Lord’s name in vain (cursing the Lord), it was a deadly serious matter for an Israelite, and it should be for us also. The acronym OMG is quite unfortunate in electronic communication, or communication in any respect, for that matter. The Lord’s name is to be honored and elevated; He is to be considered holy and reverenced. He is a creator, and while we don’t like it when one abuses our name, why should we think it is OK when the Lord’s name is abused?