Leviticus 4

Chapter 4: (Thursday, 5/12/2011)

  1. Personal responsibility. Having considered three sacrificial offerings, one pertaining to sin, another pertaining to “tribute,” and one to thankfulness of heart, we are now introduced to those who sin “unintentionally.” Four groups are identified: the anointed priest (High Priest), the nation, the leaders, and the common folk. These instructions pertain to “any of the holy things of the Lord” (5:15).
  2. What is an “unintentional” sin? This is not as easily stated as one might think. The Hebrew word occurs 19 times in the Old Testament, and it seems to be connected with the “sinner” who does not with intention (or plan) to sin, but by virtue of weakness of the flesh does. The Lord added one component to this: “if the thing is hidden” from his eyes (4:13, 22, 27; 5:17), suggesting that the guilty one is not even aware of the sin. I find it interesting that to the anointed priest, this qualifying remark is not used (we must be careful about this, however).
  3. Application: It is surely the case that we sin often. We may not be a “sinner” as the word is best understood (that is, one who practices sin), but we surely struggle with sin. Those under the old economy had a proper way to address their sin, and we do as well. Under the new economy, we go to the Father through His Son. It is important for us to be sure we do this.