Leviticus 6

  1. The first seven verses (6:1-7) deal with sinful actions and a penitent heart. The one with a penitent hear is to be forgiven, but restitution followed with a 20% tax is implemented. The law of the burnt offering is followed in the next section (6:8-13), to be followed by the law of the grain offering (6:14-18), and the offering associated with the anointment of Aaron and his sons as priests (6:19-23), and, finally, the law of the sin offering (6:24-30).
  2. Application: As you note the detailed instructions to be observed by the priests, we can learn something from this that will be helpful to us. First, when the Lord sets in detail what He wants done, it is not man’s prerogative to alter that. Second, the seriousness at which the priests were to be engaged is a reminder that we also, as priest under the new covenant, are to be engaged in serious worship toward the Lord. Let us pay particular attention to the songs we sing, to the prayers we are led in, to the significance of the Lord’s Supper, and to the expounding of God’s word. We will be better for it.