Leviticus 8

  1. The consecration of the priests. Aaron and his sons are clothed and anointed; also the Tabernacle is consecrated for service (8:5-14). The bull of the sin offering, the ram of the burnt offerings, and the ram of ordination are all presented to the Lord (8:15-29). Aaron and his sons were seven days at the “entrance of the tent of meeting” for seven days (8:30-36).
  2. Application: A man may defile himself in a moment, but sanctification and the removal of uncleanness take a while (Wenham, p. 144). Sin is contaminating more than man realizes. Before the men could undergo their responsibilities, they had to be sanctified, set apart to the Lord and away from any ceremonial uncleanness. Though we may not always give the kind of thought we need to, let us try nonetheless, to see the seriousness of sin. It contaminates in such a thorough way that only the Son of God could tend to it properly.