Life a constant learning process

After 45-plus years of typing and keyboarding according to the proper system taught back then in the public schools, I learned that this too has a right-handed bias. I had always had a bit of problem reaching the number 6 with the index finger of the right hand. Recently, I tried it — against all True and Proper Doctrine of Typing — with my left hand. Problem solved!

But could I adapt easily to reaching the 6 with my left hand, after all these years of forcing the right? I found I could, after just a short time.

Whether an old dog can learn new tricks I cannot say, but a man can always learn new habits when they make life better.

Life in Christ is a constant learning process. God gives us time on earth to become more holy and more useful to him. Earth is prologue to heaven. Here, we prepare for eternity. Considering our short time here — and it is all so brief — our goal must be to ready ourselves, according to God’s will, for his eternal presence and enjoyment.

To do otherwise is unthinkable.

To wait until the last minute to obey the Lord is folly, for a multitude of reasons. The obvious one is that we can’t identify when that last minute will be.

Another reason for prompt obedience to the gospel is that the better prepared we are for heaven, the more we will be able to enjoy the presence of God, the better fit we will be for his service there.

So let the old people learn new habits of godliness. And maybe even sit in a different pew.


¶ We love children for their frankness, until it embarrasses us.

¶ The human being needs structure in his life. An hour or even a day of nothing to do or of freedom from structure might provide enjoyment for a time, but before long what he chafed at he now longs for.

¶ An oriental religion touts the “Law of Order.” What it means by that I know not, but I found it ironic that some among us reject use of the principle of law in the Way of Christ at the same time that those supposedly attractive religions recommend it. Of course, those among us who shudder at law are following evangelical doctrine that sees the book of Romans, via the lens of Lutherism, as the core of the gospel and the center of Scripture. They jump from the rejection of proving one’s worth to God by the law of Moses to any command of God. Well, almost any, except for those of their choosing.

¶ Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel has passed. After suffering at the hands of Nazis, he made a great impact for freedom. This quote contains great truth, which Jesus himself stated in many ways, about acting in favor of the needy and not being passive in the struggle for justice. In Mt 12.30 he said, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

¶ In this world, the guilty go free and the innocent often suffer. It has always been so, and will always be. Subterfuge and Newspeak cover the sins of criminals, that they might continue their pursuit of power and riches. Righteousness finds little place in human society — in any of them. The society where it flourishes, the society for which it was created, is the holy temple of God. Doesn’t it make sense to devote all our energies to it?

¶ Iowa, of all places, has begun trying to force churches to open their bathrooms to all sexes and preferences and prohibit preaching that makes anyone uncomfortable. (The church cited in the article is not one of ours.) Buckle down, folks. Christians are in for a hard time, in many parts of the world.

¶ This stanza of the old song, “Who Will Follow Jesus?”, deserves singing:

Who will follow Jesus,
In life’s busy ways,
Working for the Master,
Giving Him the praise;
Earnest in His vineyard,
Honoring His laws,
Faithful to His counsel,
Watchful for His cause?

¶ You’ve seen me post this verse before, and it deserves repeating about the Lord: “You are good and you do good. Teach me your statutes!” Psa 119.68. The goodness of God motivates us to learn and practice his ways.

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