Life’s Purpose

What is your purpose in life? How do you know that you are serving God’s purpose in life? Interesting question to say the least! However, though interesting they may be, these questions don’t have an easy answer. A local preacher posed that to a few of us recently. I offered to him my opinion.

“I appreciate your question. [His question] ‘Can a person live a godly life, living faithfully, but yet truly never know what their actual purpose in the kingdom is?  Could it be that while [one serves] the Lord to the best of [his] ability that preaching was not [that] true purpose?  And that [one] may never know God’s purpose for [self]?’

[Her remark based on a facebook remark I made] “I always believed that God puts us where he wants us and then it’s up to us to discover what it is we’re to learn and/or contribute.  I also believe that we may live our entire life perhaps having served our purpose without being aware that we did.”

[My reply, in part, to the brother’s inquiry] “…one’s life does affect the philosophy lived by. I don’t dismiss her opinion. I do not think her opinion is wrong. Since the Lord places us where He desires, and He desires that we seek for Him, our place in this world is an optimum opportunity for each of us to do so.

“Is she right? The only thing, biblically, that I can say with certainty is Romans 8:28 (cf. 2 Thess 2:14). The purpose of God for each person is their salvation – this you already know. What purpose of God exists for each of us apart from this? Is it that we are to preach or not preach (cf. Colossians 4:17), or is there some other role for me?

“It is my opinion, and I must underscore the word opinion, that the subjectivity aspect of life is ours and our role, occupation, and pleasure must submit to the Lord’s revealed will. In other words, we can choose what we desire to do, but out choice must bow to His will. I suggest this is God’s purpose for our individual lives.

“Does one’s purpose equal one’s view of self? That is a question I don’t think I can answer with any substance apart from opinion. I feel good about myself and what I do. Am I, therefore, fulfilling God’s purpose for me in life? I would like to think so, but this opinion is held by many varied ideologies and we know that many of these varied ideologies are not in accordance with God’s revealed will. Thus, my subjective opinion can only go so far. Consequently, I go back to my previous paragraph. “

As you think about this topic, perhaps you can be some assistance to one trying to find their purpose in life.

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