LightGrams: Just Say No

Tim Hall’s LightGrams devotional today makes a good point, as he always does. Below, a snippet of his devotional:

A bank teller in New Rochelle, New York took the principle to adifferent level this week. When a man at her window slipped her a note demanding money in a bag, she simply said “no” and then set off the alarm The man fled and the bank soon returned to business as usual.

Police don’t advise the kind of response this teller made; some robbers won’t hesitate to use deadly force to get what they’re after. Refusing a criminal’s demands not only puts you at risk, but others in the vicinity as well. We don’t expect this teller to be reprimanded for her actions, but neither do we think her actions will be urged upon others in similar situations.

Sometimes “no” is an excellent response. It can be far more effective than we imagine.

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Tim is a servant of God with the Central congregation in Johnson City, Tenn.

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