Lincoln on the genius of American life

the genius of American life• We use Skype, a reliable video service, to talk to family members and make phone calls to the U.S., so the news of a Microsoft buyout leaves us unhappy, since the company seems to have a knack at degrading what it touches.

• Speaking of said service, we hooked up for the first time tonight with John H. To hear and see him live was a pleasure!

• Check out the toothy quotes and points over on my Posterous blog. I love that service, am often tempted to make the complete jump to there for my personal site. Subjects today include a comparison between cats and the French, a Lincoln quote on the “genius of American life” from an article on American exceptionalism, declining TV ownership in the U.S., and a prayer for downsizing, among others.

• Further down the list of Posterous posts is a historical allusion via Truman, which people didn’t catch, to the president’s crediting himself and, nearly, himself alone, for nabbing bin Laden. I guess I wouldn’t make a good political pundit.

• How much of an effort should one make to be present for the 80th birthday of one’s father?

• Do you take out time to write a journal or diary of sorts, either online or privately? Is that important, you think?

• On my real blog this morning, I translated into English our daily devotional, based today on 1 Cor. 7:24, one of the most upbeat thoughts, to my mind, out of that chapter. While we repent of sins, and God transforms us, still our outer circumstances need not change. God accepts us for who we are. Isn’t that a positive thought?

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