Link to an audio sermon on “Does God Care What I Wear?”

Here’s a link to a recorded sermon on the topic of “Does God Care What I Wear?” There’s also a follow-up lesson on the same page (that I haven’t listened to yet), but as far the first lesson goes, it helps to put the focus on the proper parts when it comes to the subject that’s under consideration.

If you’re planning to present a lesson any time soon on the subject that’s obviously alluded to by the sermon’s title, it’s worth your time to sit a spell and listen; there’s plenty of room to “make the lesson your own”. But even if you’re not planning to preach on the subject – due to the little fact that you don’t preach – it’s still worth your consideration because of the way that the speaker addresses the topic. All in all, it’s a win-win for any listener who’s interested in the question that’s being asked.

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