Little Swings that the Media Loves to Take at God

Last night, Mariano Rivera, a beloved and retiring pitcher in professional baseball, entered the game to a lot of fanfare to play in his last MLB All-Star game. The rest of the players even came off of the field to allow Mr. Rivera to be the lone player and recipient of a standing ovation. Even the reporters clapped for him during the post-game interview! I’d call that a sign of respect, wouldn’t you?

After the game, Mr. Rivera said, “I would like to thank God for this, my wife, my kids, my family, you guys, the fans, are the best. It’s been a privilege, it almost made me cry. I cannot be more happy than that.” I don’t personally know Mr. Rivera at all, but it seems to me as if he wanted to show some respect in turn to others who had an effect on his life.

As a minimal fan of professional baseball that would’ve been the end of my interest in the story, but then I read a story this morning on the ole’ Huff-n-Puff that quoted Mr. Rivera as saying, “I would like to thank god for this….” Now again, I don’t personally know Mr. Rivera at all, but I think I may be safe in assuming that he was not thanking the god of baseball grass, the god of electric lights or even the god of baseball itself – but rather he was thanking the one God of Heaven and Earth. Even though this scenario was true, the writer of the story decided to insert himself into Mr. Rivera’s words due to his personal beliefs, or his editor’s, to take a little swing at God by using the lowercase g to describe what Mr. Rivera was saying.

It’s too bad that the same respect shown to Mr. Rivera’s performance on the field wasn’t shown to the words he said off of it; but little does that writer realize that he was the one who actually struck out last night, for God was still in the same place after the game that He was in before the game ever began – reigning from Heaven as the One living true God.

I am the LORD, and there is no other; there is no God besides Me.” (Isaiah 45:5)

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