Living IN the world, but not being OF the world

Every week brings new challenges to the Christian in trying to be set apart from the world and remaining holy as God would have us be. This week has been no different for me. This week I had to stand up to my employer, who spent well over an hour trying to convince me to lie on something for the benefit of the company. The actions he was asking me to take are illegal and in violation of written corporate policy. And needless to say, lying is sin. He used the same tactics used by Satan himself. “It is not illegal”, he said. Being charitable, perhaps he is just ignorant of the law. He negated the consequences of the action by inserting that little word, “not”. And why, if I did it, I’d be just like everyone else, because everyone else does it. It would help me advance and be to my own personal benefit. And finally, in not doing so, I’m causing problems for the company. The account of the garden of Eden came to mind immediately, as did the temptation of our Savior Himself. I so wanted to say, “get behind me Satan”. But I took a different tactic: put it in writing. That ended the conversation.

My prayer this week is that my fellow Christians, when faced with such temptations, have ready recollection of the teachings of the Bible to give them the strength and the courage to not be of the world while they are living in the world.

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