The Lord’s day and the church

Not for nothing is the day that the church meets to eat the Lord’s supper called the Lord’s day. It’s not a day to stay home and think about the Lord Jesus Christ, but a day to celebrate salvation in him together. There is no Lord’s day without the church.

It’s a day to look each other in the eye and recognize the presence of God in each one and in our midst.

It’s a day to listen to each other and be built up in faith.

It’s a day to hear how the gospel is reaching more and more people throughout the world.

It’s a day to move as one toward that final meeting with the Lord in the air.

It’s a day to speak to saints and congregation of the need to grow and correct errors that will keep us from receiving the Lord’s approval.

It’s a day to make good on feelings of solidarity by helping to supply the needs of the poor and suffering among us.

It’s a day of thanksgiving as our gratitude finds greater expression through the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ.

There is no Lord’s day without the church. Be there!