Lordship of Christ and conscience: great links


This article, by an evangelical professor in Australia, deserves a more careful reading than it’s been given, but at first glance, it appears to be stimulating and accurate: Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today. I’m interested in hearing your reactions. Is there anything amiss in it that you can see?

Our brother and friend Tim Hall talks gadgets to get to the subject of “Wearable Consciences” in his weekly devotional. I’ve added it to the WiseBible site. His point leads necessarily and properly back to Scripture. Both his article and the WiseBible site deserve your taking a look.

Y.T. continues a streak of devotionals today, in “So-called knowledge,” with a couple of amazing quotes by big-name medical editors about science being unreliable because of corruption, which leads in to a rant on theology, and works on the last verses of 1 Timothy. The author also believes it worthy of consideration.

And, not least, is the continuing powerhouse that is Forthright Magazine, with two fine articles today from columnists on unity and the cross, subjects quite central to the faith.

No one can say there’s nothing worth reading out there.

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