Love and knowledge

Our Bible reading yesterday was 1 Cor. 8, which we used last night in our home reading group here at the house. (We have a weekly group here.) Though it hasn’t been well attended of late, we had a good moment last night and saw, among others, these important points from the chapter.

  • Knowledge without love is useless, for it is love that causes us to be known by God, 1-3.
  • It is important to know the truth, for Paul affirms the importance of knowledge of God as the only God and Christ as the only Lord, 4-6.
  • Knowledge without love causes one to sin against one’s brother; this is serious because it means sinning against Christ, 7-13.

Paul works both sides: Those who don’t know the truth ought to know, but the greater responsibility lies with those who know but leave off love. Love is a main theme of the book (see chap. 13, for example).


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