Make it count now

Glenda’s Glimpse –
We enjoy going to the Geneva Senior Citizen’s Center for lunch most days. IMG_2998I have a dear elderly friend who has been helping me learn to knit. Bless her heart. Today I took my knitting over to show her, and she said, “Make it count now.” She was telling me not to pull the stitches out, but to make them count and keep knitting.

Make it count! We need to make everything we do count in this life. Most of all we should desire to make our life count so that when we come to the end of life’s journey our life will have been valuable in God’s sight. It will have counted.

The Bible teaches us whatever we do in word or deed to do it all in the name of the Lord. We are to make our lives count. (Col. 3:17)

The Bible teaches us we are to do everything as if for the Lord. We are to make our efforts count. (Col. 3:17)

The Bible teaches us to train up our children in the way they should go, and when they are old they won’t depart from it. We are to make our child raising count. (Proverbs 22:6)

The Bible teaches us to put God first in our lives. Doing so will make our lives count. (Matthew 6:33)
The Bible teaches us that we are to be examples for those coming after us. We are to make our examples count. (Matthew 5:16)

The Bible teaches us we are to study the Word of God. We are to make our time count. (2 Timothy 2:15)

The Bible teaches us we are to control our tongue. We are to let our speech count that it may build up those who hear it. (James 3)

Making our lives count is the most important thing we can do. We star
t out by obeying the Word of God, by hearing the gospel, believing It to be the truth, repenting of our sins, confessing our faith that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, and being baptized for the remission of our sins. (Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; Matthew 10:32) Then, and only then, will our lives count not only here on earth, but eternally in heaven in the after awhile.

Let’s do it! Let’s make our lives count for that which is right and good and will lead us into our eternal home in heaven.

Though Ms. Norma told me to make my stitches count, she was telling me to go forward, press on, and do more. We must do that spiritually, too!