Mar. 12. Israel’s Harlotry and Idolatry in Moab

Num. 25:1-17

According to Num. 31:16 and Rev. 2:14, Balaam at some time suggested to Balak the idea of getting the Israelites to worship their god, Baal and to commit sexual immorality with the Moabites. One Israelite man even brought a Midianite woman into the camp while the people were mourning their humiliation.

Phinehas, a son of Eleazar, the new high Priest, knowing the anger of God killed the man and woman. God was pleased with Phinehas’ action and stopped punishing the Israelites. He gave Phinehas a covenant of peace and stated that the priesthood would come from his descendants.

The ungodly actions of the Israelites show us the danger of associating with false teachers and religions. When one attends their meetings, it is easy to gradually begin to partake of their practices and soon be led astray. Thus we are commanded to have no fellowship with the works of darkness.