Mar. 12. War Between flesh and Spirit

Rom. 7:13-8:17

Paul then turned his attention to the war (flesh vs. Spirit) that was raging within himself and that continues to attack Christians. Laws are good but Satan influences man to think that they are bad and puts into his mind the desire to break them. Sin then is the transgression of those laws.

The conflict within Paul caused him to do the things that he knew were sinful and to leave undone those things that were needful. The spiritual mind of him wanted to do the right but the fleshly man fought to do the evil. The law of sin seemed to be winning the war.

Paul asked the question, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” His own answer was, “Through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

The apostle pointed out that since deliverance from the war between his flesh and the Spirit is through Christ, there is then no reason for a person who walks according to the Spirit to be condemned. There was no salvation through the Law of Moses but God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to live a sinless life in the flesh that He might condemn sin. The law of the Spirit (Given by the Holy Spirit to the apostles) is able to free man from the sins that would lead him to a spiritual death.

When a person turns from the flesh and submits himself in obedience to the gospel, the Holy Spirit dwells within him. He will remain as long as one allows Him to guide him.

One who allows the Spirit to lead him has rejected living for the flesh, which leads to death. Instead, he lives by the Spirit, which leads to eternal life. Christians then are adopted sons in the family of God and joint-heirs of God with Christ.