Mar. 14. Various Offerings Reviewed; Laws Concerning Vows

Num. 28:1-30:16

As the time arrived for the Israelites to take the Promised Land, God reviewed the various offerings that He had commanded earlier. In addition to the daily offerings, there were weekly, monthly and seasonal offerings.

Vows are solemn promises that are made to God and man. If a man made a vow, he was bound to fulfill it. Women were also bound to fulfill vows that they had made. However, if the husband learned of a vow that had been taken by his wife, he had the authority to object to it and it would not continue to be binding. The same rule was true regarding an unmarried daughter. Her father could overrule her vow. It was necessary for the husband or father to make his objection to a vow known during the day that he heard of it or it would continue to be binding.