Mar. 24. Jerusalem Described as Faithless Wife

Ezek. 16:1-63

Many analogies and allegories in the Scriptures allude to the relationship between the Lord and His people as a husband/wife relationship. An example of one of those allegories was seen in another charge God gave to Ezekiel.

It was customary and healthy hygiene for a newborn infant to be washed in water, rubbed with salt and wrapped in swaddling cloths. Jerusalem represented Judah as a newborn who was cast off into a field as an unwanted female infant and not even given the respect of a post-natal cleaning. The Lord rescued her (From Egyptian slavery), cleaned her up and raised her as
His own offspring. As she matured into womanhood (A nation), He took her and made a covenant (Law of Moses) and she became His bride.

As the wife of the Lord, the young woman (Jerusalem/Judah) lived in luxury and became famous among the nations of the world. However, she was not content. She became a harlot with many other men (Nations and their gods) and even sacrificed her Husband’s children as offerings to those gods. In times of deep trouble, the woman turned to other nations instead of to God to save her from her enemies.

The Lord’s message to His adulterous wife through Ezekiel was that He would abandon her into the hands of her lovers and enemies as He had originally found her—bloody and naked.

As has been noted many times previously, the Lord is a merciful God. After the punishment of His “wife” was completed, He would bring her back and restore her with an everlasting covenant. He would, “Provide you an atonement for all you have done.” That atonement is now found in the blood of Christ, the Son of God who was crucified for the sins of mankind.