Mar. 24. Various other Laws Remembered

Deut. 21:1-23:25

An unsolved murder was the responsibility of the city nearest to the location of the dead body. God provided a way for that city to declare its innocence. Other laws dealt with female captives, firstborn son’s inheritance, rebellious sons and disposal of executed bodies.

Moses repeated numerous other laws. Some pertained to the possessions of their fellow Israelites. Others dealt with everyday living and farming practices. One may not understand why God instituted some of those laws, but He had His reasons. Some of those reasons may have pertained to the sinful practices of other nations.

Other laws dealt with rape and other sexual sins. Various sins that did not require capital punishment did, however, result in the person being excluded from the congregation.

Health and sanitation were important to God. Prohibition from eating certain animals was to protect the health of the children of Israel. Rules for disposing of body waste were also for the protection of their health. Other miscellaneous laws dealt with their relationship and conduct with their Israelite brothers and outside neighbors.