Mar. 26. Covenant Reaffirmed, Blessings and Cursings

Deut. 27:1-28:68

As Moses neared the end of his charge to the Israelites, he commanded them to set up whitewashed stones on Mount Ebal after they had crossed the Jordan River. They were to, “write very plainly on the stones all the words of this law.” The people were also to set up an altar on Mount Ebal and present offerings to God.

Six tribes were to stand on Mount Gerizim to bless the people and the other six tribes were to stand on Mount Ebal to pronounce curses. Twelve curses would be revealed and the people would respond, “Amen.” That signified their understanding and acceptance of the words presented.

A series of physical and material blessings for obedience to the commandments was presented. Likewise, Moses stated a series of corresponding physical and material curses if the people failed to observe the commandments. As one observes the blessings and curses of God, it is plain that He is good to those who obey and severe to those who disobey. Unfortunately, Moses stated the history of the Israelite nation before it occurred. The spiritual blessings or curses are much more intense than the physical and material. On which side of the ledger do we stand?