Mar. 27. Twelve Apostles Chosen

Mt. 10:1-4; Mk. 3:13-19; Lk. 6:12-16

Many times when Jesus wanted to be alone, He would go out to a mountain. This night, He was near His home base of Capernaum. Since it was just before a momentous occasion, He prayed to God all night. We should pray for guidance when making great decisions in our lives.

It had been more than a year since Jesus had begun His ministry and He was ready to choose twelve apostles who would work as a special team. These twelve men were to plant, organize and train the early church. He also gave them special powers to heal the sick and cast out demons.

Some of these men, namely Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew and Matthew had been following Jesus for several months. When it became day, He called these men along with a number of other disciples who had been following Him and He selected twelve from that number to be His apostles.

Those chosen were Simon Peter; Andrew (Peter’s brother); James; John (James’ brother, possibly cousins of Jesus); Philip; Bartholomew (also called Nathaniel); Thomas (sometimes called Didymus); Matthew (also called Levi); James (son of Alphaeus, sometimes referred to as James the Less); Lebbaeus Thaddeus (also called Judas, son of James); Simon (the Cananite, also referred to as the Zealot); and Judas Iscariot.