Mar. 28. Remaining Officials and Duties

I Chron. 26:20-27:34

As David continued organizing the government for Israel’s new king, he appointed men to be in charge of the various treasuries of the temple. Those treasures consisted of the tithes, spoils of war and other dedicated valuables.

Judges were appointed to oversee the tribes on each side of the Jordan River. The west side of the river was under the oversight of seventeen hundred men led by Hashabiah. Jerijah led twenty-seven hundred men who were over the tribes of Ruben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Those tribes had chosen many years earlier to remain on the eastern side of the Jordan instead of settling in Canaan.

Israel had an army of two hundred eighty-eight thousand soldiers. They were divided into twelve divisions of twenty-four thousand. Those divisions were commanded by captains and each group served for a period of one month during the year.

Each tribe of Israel was overseen by an officer. Those officers led the tribes in much the same way as a state governor directs affairs of state today with the king being comparable to the president of a country.

David was a man of great personal wealth. There were men designated to oversee the daily care of those various properties.