Mar. 3. Devotions and Prayer to God

Ps. 15:1-17:15

As the psalmist asked a serious question, he answered it himself. Those who live according to the precepts outlined in the body of the poem are the ones who are pleasing to God. Both positive and negative aspects of one’s life and conduct were mentioned.

Trust is the key topic of the writer. Goodness is vain without the Lord. Those who follow and trust idols are truly living empty lives. A child of God has a heavenly inheritance in that life after the grave.

David was confident that his life was just and pure. He had been tested in life but still needed God’s mercy as he continued his walk with the Lord. He prayed for future protection from his enemies. Those enemies were like fierce lions stalking their prey. He further described them as being gratified by worldly treasures of the present life instead of trusting God. As for the psalmist, his portion would come when he awakened from the grave.