Mar. 7. Hypocrisy of Pharisees and Lawyers

Lk. 11:37-54

Another Pharisee invited Jesus to eat with him. When He sat down to eat, He was rebuked because He had violated one of their customs. He had not washed His hands before eating.

Jesus taught that it is not what is on the outside of a person that counts, but what is inside his heart. The Pharisees were guilty of observing the small things, but neglecting the large. One’s outward deeds should be done through love for God and love for one’s neighbor.

The scribes were sometimes referred to as lawyers. One of these lawyers was offended by Jesus’ teaching. They interpreted the law, so they could make it mean whatever they wanted. Since they taught traditions instead of the truth of the law, He told them that they would not listen to God’s truth and even hindered others who would hear it.

Because of their anger, the scribes and Pharisees piled on the questions trying to trick Jesus into saying something that they could use against Him.