Mar. 7. More Psalms of David

Ps. 26:1-28:9

David spent many of his early years fleeing from his enemies. He addressed the Lord and pled his case for vindication. One can point out his strengths without self-righteous boasting. He listed various areas and aspects within his life in which he had served God with a clear conscience. In the end, however, even the most obedient among us must rely upon God’s mercy for salvation not only from those who would harm us, but also from His wrath in the final judgment.

From the time that David had left the flocks of his father, Jesse, his life had been one of conflict and turmoil. One person along with God makes a majority. He recognized that principle and attempted to live a life of righteousness in order to, “dwell in the house of the Lord.” With God in his life and at his side, he could be of good courage with a strong heart and be victorious in the end.

The psalmist cried in prayer to the Lord to save him from death (the pit). He prayed for separation from the punishment of the wicked. However, he did ask for them to be rewarded according to what their deeds deserved. David praised God for hearing and saving His people. The Lord is their Shepherd.