Mark 6

I. The disrespect of the Lord (6:1-6). Why is it that a prophet has honor everywhere else, but home? Perhaps it has something to do with what others think they know about the one who is called a prophet. This event in the life of Christ should cause us to be slow to judge a situation before we know it.

II. The commission of the Twelve (6:6-13). The mission of the twelve disciples was to proclaim the MESSAGE. So often, it is forgotten that it is the MESSAGE that is important.

III. The murder of John the Baptist (6:14-29). Bitterness that resides in the heart of an evil woman brings much harm to others, even death to the prophet of God.

IV. How Jesus used the miraculous (6:30-56). Jesus took the occasion to utilize His miraculous works to teach. The memory of the miraculous may or may not stay in the mind of a person, but the substance of the teaching will be far-reaching.