Mark 9

Mark 9 (submitted by Randal Matheny)
I. Thy Kingdom Come (Mark 9:1). A new manifestation of the Kingdom came on Pentecost when the church was established (Acts 2). Have you submitted?

II. The Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-8). This terrifying glimpse of Jesus’ divine glory showed his superiority — God’s Son who must now be heard. Have you heard him?

III. Confusion Over Rising from the Dead (Mark 9:9-10). Do we, like the disciples, get confused over Jesus’ plain statements, because they don’t agree with our view of his life and work?

IV. Elijah: The Teachers Say, and Scripture Says (Mark 9:11-13). We listen too much to religious teachers when we ought to be reading the Scriptures.

V. When Faith Failed and the Faithless Father Found It (Mark 14-29). Far from the Master, the competing disciples failed. Facing the Lord, the boy’s father finds faith and help in time of need.

VI. Jesus’ Second Prediction of Death (Mark 30-32). Between competing for greatness (verses 14-29) and arguing over greatness, the disciples hear Jesus tell them plainly he must die. What a contrast, his ambition and theirs!

VII. Disciples Argue Over Greatness (Mark 9:33-37). Jesus hears every conversation, and chats we think are out of his earshot are shameful. Children hold the key.

VIII. Acceptance and Peace (Mark 9:38-50). Know who’s side you’re on, and know who’s on your side. Get rid of whatever causes you or a brother to sin. Salt (good speech) is the buffer for peace. Have you sprinkled some today?