Marriage and the Graduate

This is a letter to editor I am working on. With a 600 word limit, I used just over 300 words to convey a concern about an article from the Pastor’s Weekly Briefing I routinely get. On this week’s “Briefing” there was an article on the commitment to marriage between the college graduate and the high school graduate. With the college graduate commitment to marriage was higher, much higher, than it is with the high school graduate. Regardless of the “graduate” status the primary reason for marriage failings is the abandonment of God.


Letter to editor,

Is there any relation to marriage having a higher degree of success to the college graduate than to the high school graduate? There is according to research released by the Brookings Institute.

“Both scholars [conservative W. Bradford Wilcox and liberal Andrew J. Cherlin] are concerned about the marked decline of marriage among those who have graduated from high school, but have no college degree. This encompasses a full 58 percent of the adult U.S. population” (see: W. Bradford Wilcox and Andrew J. Cherlin, “The Marginalization of Marriage in Middle America,” Center on Children and Families at Brookings, CCF Brief #46, August 2011, p. 2)

As ordained by God, marriage is the foundation of the family and, thus, society. In marriage the husband and wife each have a role they serve. When marriage is relegated to something not important, what do you think the necessary consequence of this will be?

“Given how out-of-wedlock child-bearing, cohabitation and divorce are more likely to prevent adults and their children from advancing socio-economically – while intact marriages boost such advancement – this trend of declining marriage among the working-class should be of great concern to all who care about improving social mobility and living status” (The Pastor’s Weekly Briefing, August 26, 2011).

What are the reasons for this? In bullet point format we are told: “Dramatic changes in social norms surrounding sex and unmarried parenting. Non-college educated Americans tend to be less involved in religious participation, which is not so true for the college-educated. Changes in laws and attitudes that favor individual autonomy over social responsibility, as well as parenthood itself over marriage.”

In our secular world just about anything the Lord God has said on a topic is dismissed as being out of touch with reality. Really?! Just who is out of touch with reality? Will it be those who have changed the norms of a decent society, including those who have perpetuated it? Or, will it be those who live conservative, moral lives in accordance with a higher standard than selfishness?