Martin family accident

I’ve gotten pieces of this here and there, but this email from Greg Howell, elder at the Cordova church in Memphis TN, passed on to me by friend Paul Goddard, elder at the Park Ave. church in Memphis, helps put the pieces together:

Vanessa Martin and her children, Stone and Alana,were involved in very serious car accident Tuesday morning, January 19, in Meeker, Colorado. Vanessa is the daughter-in-law of Cordova church of Christ minister Jerry Martin. Paul and Vanessa Martin work with the Meeker church of Christ, a small mission congregation in central Colorado. Stone was airlifted to Grand Junction with his father Paul by his side. Ten year old Stone passed away Wednesday morning January 21. Alana and Vanessa were airlifted to Denver where thirteen year old Alana has been in a medically induced coma with a collapsed lung and a broken leg. Vanessa suffered minor injuries. Jerry and his wife Denise are in Colorado. The driver of the car that hit them had minor injuries. It appears that the car slid on the ice and hit the passenger side of the Martin’s car. Please add these families to your prayers.

Prayers are being offering for this family, please add yours.

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