May 11. Asa’s Battles with Israel

I Kin. 15:16-24; II Chron. 16:1-14

Asa had been king of Judah about two years when Baasha became king of Israel. His period of relative peace came to an end as he and Baasha continually disputed and warred over the boundary north of Jerusalem. In time, Baasha began to fortify Ramah to prevent his people from entering Jerusalem to worship.

The king of Judah made a treaty with Ben-Hadad of Syria to return Ramah to the control of Asa. With that being completed, Asa’s people began to remove the fortifications that had been placed by Baasha.

There was a huge problem with Asa’s action. The Lord sent Hanani the seer to inform the king of his mistake. He had relied upon assistance from another source instead of seeking help from God as he had done previously during the attack from Ethiopia. As a result, he would continue to be plagued by wars during the remaining time of his reign as king of Judah. He died from a disease of his feet ending a reign of forty-one years.