May 13. Elijah’s Presence Felt in Israel

I Kin. 17:8-18:40

Even Elijah, the prophet of God was adversely affected by the famine as his water supply at the Brook Cherith dried up. God, however, continued to care for him as He sent him to dwell in the home of a widow in Zarephath.

Women were deemed to be inferior to men and a widow who had no one to provide for her was at the bottom of the economic scale. To make matters worse, this widow had a dependant son in her care. It would seem heartless for a strange man to demand a portion of a widow’s last meal, but Elijah, by the hand of God had a plan that required great faith of the widow. Upon feeding the prophet, her supply of flour and oil was continually replenished until the end of the famine.

Faith and trust in God bring many blessings—some seen and others unseen. When the widow’s son got sick and died, Elijah performed the first recorded miracle of restoring life to a dead person.

After a period of more than three years, Ahab and Jezebel had committed great atrocities against God and His prophets. Obadiah, who was in charge of Ahab’s house, was secretly a God fearing man. He had hidden and cared for one hundred of God’s prophets in two caves during that time of persecution. He feared for his life as his faith was further tested when Elijah told him to report to Ahab that, “Elijah is here.”