May 18. Psalms of David Resumed

Ps. 4:1-6:10

David was the author of many of the poetic verses that we call the Psalms. As our Bible study nears the end of His life, it is needful that we observe the remainder of David’s literary works.

It may have been that this prayer was uttered to God by David during Absalom’s revolt against him. He recognized previous blessings from God and petitioned Him for continued mercy. Those who put their trust and obedience in God are the ones to whom the Lord will hear. David was confident that he could rest in peaceful sleep because of his safety provided by God. To the faithful Child of God, all is well regardless of what “all” is.

David prayed following peaceful sleep showing a continued dependence upon God for His daily protective care. He again recognized the importance of righteous living and expressed his determination to fear and reverently worship the Lord. The psalmist invoked God’s wrath upon the wicked because of their rebellion against Him. David called upon those who put their trust in God to rejoice because of His peace and protective care.

Even though David was a man after God’s own heart, he was subject to the spiritual and physical frailties all men face. No one can overcome the consequences of his sins without the mercy of God. In his prayer for mercy, he depicted his grief as if he were swimming in a bed drenched with his tears. David’s grief came from his own sins and health issues as well as persecutions from his enemies. BUT, the Lord hears the cries of His children and answers in His time and according to His will.