May 19. Prayer of the Suffering

Ps. 102:1-28

The psalmist lamented his position in life to the Lord. He was writing either in the present tense during Jerusalem’s destruction and Babylonian captivity or as a prophecy of the future devastation of God’s dwelling place. In either case, he described himself as being miserable, lonely, humiliated and suffering separation from the Lord. He stated that his condition was due to God’s wrath. That wrath was the result the disobedience of a sinful people. He was confident in a future in which the Lord in His mercy would restore Zion/Jerusalem back to a prominence among nations.

As a man, the psalmist also acknowledged the brevity of one’s life compared to the eternal existence of God. His creation, whether man, beast or the earth on which man dwells shall grow old, decay and be changed like a garment, but He shall never change.