May 22. Psalm of Messianic Prophecy

Ps. 22:1-31

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Those words of despair were cried out by the Messiah as He hung upon the cross hundreds of years after this psalm was written. Other prophetic statements regarding the suffering Savior were made as the psalm continued. Those statements also described the wretched condition that David had found himself in at times. In times of suffering, it sometimes seems that one has been forsaken by God, but He is always near and will intervene when He sees the need. Like David, the Christ suffered ridicule and mocking in His time of suffering.

Bulls are symbolic of strength and power. David suffered at the rebellion of Absalom and others and Jesus suffered at the hands of the Jewish leaders. The scene of the cross is depicted as dogs (Gentiles) crucifying Christ and the Roman soldiers casting lots for His clothing.

After all of the hardships that the psalmist and the Lord had suffered, there was victory. All nations, both the rich and the poor now worship the Christ in His kingdom, the church. Those who refuse to bow down to Christ will eventually confess His name, but it will then be too late.