May 27. Psalms of Praise; Prayer for Survival

Ps. 40:1-41:13; 55:1-23

“I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me…” Generally speaking, man is an impatient being. God’s existence however is timeless. Many times one feels that he has been forgotten, but God never forgets. Man’s requests will be fulfilled according to God’s time table and will. The man that trusts in the Lord shall be blessed. David prayed that God would continue to deliver him from his enemies and from his own weaknesses.

Care for the poor has been stressed many times in God’s word. Harvesters under the law of Moses were required to leave portions of their grain in the field for the poor to come in and glean. The psalmist stated various blessings that the Lord would bestow upon one who helps the poor. He then lamented over those who had done evil against him. David closed the psalm with praise for God’s protection.

One of the deepest wounds that a person can suffer is the betrayal of a friend. David had suffered that injury many times. The hatred of Saul and the treason of his own son, Absalom were two of those incidents. His life was in constant peril. He poured out his fears before the Lord and prayed for His salvation. His prayers were constant—evening, morning and noon. David concluded his psalm with the confidence that God would sustain him and bring his enemies “down to the pit of destruction…But I will trust in You.”