May 28. Some Laments of David

Ps. 58:1-11; 60:1-61:8

The psalmist addressed corrupt judges who ignored the wickedness of the unrighteous. He described the condition of sinners as they lived their immoral lives. Man is born with a sinful nature that must be curbed by proper training and discipline. Next, David called upon those judges to execute punishment upon the evildoers. He concluded his thoughts by disclosing the reward and rejoicing of the righteous by God, the righteous Judge.

As long as God’s people were faithful and obedient to Him, He remained in their presence and helped them fight their battles. He never left them, BUT they left Him on numerous occasions. When Israel went into battle without God, they suffered bitter defeats. After one of those defeats, David called upon God, “You have been displeased; Oh, restore us again!” He described their condition as the aftermath of an earthquake and as the confused state of a drunken person. The psalmist listed numerous victories that God had helped them to achieve and confessed that man is useless without His help. “Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.” That same principle still holds true for God’s children. We shall ultimately be victorious.

In humble prayer, David called upon God to hear his cry for continued protection. The Lord has been described as a rock of salvation many times both in the Scriptures and also in modern songs of praise. David had previously vowed his allegiance to God and he used this psalm to renew those vows. “So I will sing praise to Your name forever…”