May 31. Jesus Paints a Picture of the Final Judgment

Mt. 25:31-46

After presenting two parables dealing with being prepared for His final coming, Jesus painted a picture of the final judgment. Taking the scriptures as a whole, there are more aspects of one’s life to be judged than just those mentioned in this picture.

When Jesus comes at the end of time, He will then take His seat on the throne of His glory as King to judge all nations. No one will be overlooked and each person will give an account of his own life.

According to Jewish traditions, when criminals were tried by the Sanhedrin, those who were acquitted were placed on the right hand and those who were convicted were placed on the left. On the right hand has always represented a place of honor, so Jesus will say to those on His right hand, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world…”

Jesus listed several acts of benevolence to illustrate the importance of helping one’s fellowman. He was not teaching that by only doing these things could one be saved, but that a person cannot be saved without these fruits of faith and love. Obedience on the part of man and forgiveness on the part of God are essential.

The righteous in this picture failed to remember performing these deeds because the humble nature of a righteous person allows him to perform good deeds as a routine part of his life without thinking of them as something great.

Jesus pointed out that when one does a good deed to the needy, he is doing it to Him. A failure to do this good deed is to neglect Him.

The unrighteous will go away into eternal punishment and the righteous will receive eternal life.

Coming up: A trial that never should have happened; a conviction governed by prejudice and politics and a verdict that would be overturned by our upper courts. BUT without it, we would have no hope of an eternal home in heaven. He gave His all for us; let us give our all in obedience to Him.