May 31. Psalms of Praise, Devotion and Lamentation

Ps. 86:1-17; 101:1-8; 109:1-31

The psalmist began this psalm with a declaration of deep need and dependence. He flavored his plea with praise to the one true God. There are many false gods, but only God, our Creator can tend to our needs. Since man is weak and frail and needs guidance, David prayed that God would “teach me Your way.” One has no way of receiving salvation unless he is taught. David promised to walk in God’s truth and to continue to praise and glorify His name. Men had risen against the psalmist. In contrast, as they had sought to take his life, God was longsuffering and full of compassion and mercy toward him.

David’s commitment to God was emphasized throughout this psalm. He began by pledging his personal commitment to upright conduct. One who has personal righteousness also desires that his associates conduct their lives in a like manner. The psalmist concluded by stating that those who would serve him would have the same qualities that he possessed and that he would destroy wickedness from the land. Imagine how life would be today if the world’s leaders would approach their positions of leadership with that same commitment!!

The psalmist devoted the words of this psalm to uttering curses upon his enemies and those who would mistreat the poor. He called for divine justice against the wicked. In our age of Christianity, those words from David seem harsh as Christians are commanded to have a forgiving attitude and to love one’s enemies as himself. David called upon the Lord for help in his time of persecution. However, he began and ended with words of praise to God.