May 5. A New Eternal Kingdom Promised

II Sam. 7:1-29; I Chron. 17:1-27

After a period of time, David had firmly established himself as king of Israel and was living in his own house. However, the ark of the covenant of God was being housed in a tent. David desired to build a permanent dwelling place for the presence of God and His ark. Upon conferring with the prophet, Nathan, he was told, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you.”

Sometimes what man may think is noble, may not be according to God’s plan. That night, God spoke to Nathan and vetoed David’s request. Even when God says “No,” He may substitute a blessing far better. David was promised a house and throne that would be established forever. Fast-forward hundreds of years and that promise was fulfilled through David’s seed after his death. The earthly genealogy of Jesus came through him. David’s eternal kingdom was established as the spiritual kingdom of Christ, His church.

In humility, David accepted the disappointment of not being permitted to build the temple for God. However, he praised and glorified God for previous blessings and for the promise of an eternal kingdom.