May 8. Psalms of Joy, Praise and Thanksgiving, Concl’d

Ps. 103:1-22; 108:1-13; 138:1-8

The psalmist, David glorified God for His mercy toward man in this poem. God uses His mercy and power to forgive, heal and redeem His people from destruction. Our Lord in His mercy is slow to anger, but He is also just and will execute judgment upon evildoers who do not repent. The almighty and all powerful God pities His children who fear Him. As He is eternal, we are here for only a little while. Like grass and flowers of the field, “its place remembers it no more.” However, there is mercy for the obedient. The psalm ended as it began by glorifying the Lord.

In this psalm, David expressed his praise to the Lord. It was not just a private expression of praise but a shout out of His mercy and truth among all people and nations. God is ruler of all nations. As Israel was obedient to Him, He delivered the nations to them, but if disobedient, He allowed the Israelites to be defeated. “Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.”

Even though he made mistakes, David was humble. His writings expressed his humility as he praised God. He recognized God’s greatness and worshipped Him exclusively above all gods. Eventually, all kings will worship Him. Great is the glory of God, but even in His glory, He is near the lowly and far from the proud and haughty. “Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever.”