May 9. More Psalms of David; Asaph

Ps. 39:1-13; 62:1-12; 50:1-23

The tongue is a mighty member of the body, capable of much harm and also much good. Restraint and self-control are very important qualities of great men. David acknowledged his frailties as a man as he addressed God. We are only as vapor and shadows that are here but a little while. Man spends his time amassing riches that will be left to someone else instead of focusing his hope in God. The wise man will accept the discipline of God and lean upon Him for deliverance from his sins. David concluded his psalm with a prayer recognizing his dependence upon the Lord.

Man may wish to be self-sufficient and independent, but God is the only source for our sustenance and salvation. One’s enemies may disguise themselves as friends speaking favorably with their mouths, but cursing inside their hearts. Man, whether of low or high degree is meaningless to us. Riches are vain and not to be trusted. Only God is our solid rock of refuge and salvation at all times. He will reward as one deserves.

David has been called “The Sweet Psalmist of Israel.” However, there were other writers of those magnificent praises to God. Asaph, one of the musicians of Israel was also a prolific writer of Psalms. He wrote of the righteous judgment of God for inappropriate worship in this poem.

As it had been on Mt. Sinai, God’s presence as Judge would be made known by fire and storm. The heavens and earth would be witnesses as He declared His judgment. Idol worshippers offered meat and vegetable sacrifices to feed their gods. In speaking to the people, God did not rebuke them for their sacrifices, but for thinking that He had need of them for His sustenance. He declared that every beast of the forest, the cattle, birds and wild beasts of the fields were His. The Lord was NOT hungry. He had no need for their sacrifices. God wanted His children to offer thanksgiving, pay their vows and call upon Him in their day of trouble. The wicked received a rebuke from God. They had no right to be hypocritical and teach His statutes and covenant, but not live by them. Even though He had kept silent, He was well aware of their lives. Without repentance, they will face His wrath for there is no other deliverer but God. Those who offer true praise and conduct, will see God’s salvation.