Me bored? Yeah.

A much more desirable personality wouldn’t get bored by very much, but unlike my better fellows, mine has not that characteristic. However, what bores me is similar to two specific things that sometimes drives me bonkers.

Sitting in a doctor’s office for minutes and hours on end is boring. All the magazines are about 100 years old, and, if there is a television, it’s turned on a special channel showing health issues. There’s just so much my eyes can take of the inner workings of the human body.

Dentists’ office are similar, but can be worse when the dentist believes he is a brilliant conversationalist and isn’t.

Similarly, people who give me the same old sad song about why they can’t be more faithful to the Lord’s church and its services bore me. Usually, it’s the same old thing all the time: there are circumstances beyond their control preventing them from showing their love to God on a perpetual basis. Usually, I just smile and take it in stride.

But one of these days someone is going to say, “I was kidnapped by a big red bird with fuzzy, pink feet and couldn’t attend!.” Then, my boredom will exist no more.

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